Life… #TuesdayThoughts with Doris (@mamaD8)

Happy Tuesday, lovely peeps. Well, I tell you life is never dull, is it? The week started off with something of a bang.


Our youngest had a nasty allergic reaction over the weekend, the second in three days, so I thought it was wise to take him to the doctors. We are, of course, none the wiser, as to what he is suddenly reacting to, only that he is definitely reacting to something.

So antihistamine follows us wherever we go, just in case… fun, not. Neither is the talk of EpiPens and rushing him off to A&E if need be. Worst case scenario, that, obviously, but still. Not what you want to hear.

Add to that that I was up at the crack of dawn to take one of our daughters to said hospital to have the metal plate taken out of her collarbone (you may or may not remember she broke it over a year ago, falling out of a tree!) and… yeah… life…

Not all that conducive to meeting your writing goals. However, I’m pleased to report that I did manage to finish that story I was banging on about last time.


It remains to be seen if the powers that be like it, of course.

I didn’t finish the other story I was writing. My muse, god bless her, decided to take me down the rabbit hole and to write something else entirely.

This one is MMF, interracial, and BDSM to boot.


Then again with these two hunks for inspiration… can’t say I blame her.


Josh and Dawson


My heroine is one lucky lady… just saying…



So, there you have it. One rambling post from me. To be honest, I’m struggling with keeping up my Naughty Quills commitment of posting every Tuesday so I might have to rethink that at some point. But not today. I have some very hot sex to write.

Do stay naughty, folks,


D x



Gah, the pressure… #TuesdayThoughts with Doris (@mamaD8)

Hello, lovely peeps, Doris here with just a short post, as I’m literally feeling the pressure.


Entirely self-inflicted too, but we have our son’s wedding coming up on Saturday, which means I’ll be pretty much out of this writing thing for three days.

I want to have my current WIP finished by Thursday at the latest so that I can relax at the wedding and forget about it. That’s a total of 13 K I have to write in three days.

Doable, yes certainly, even if I do look like this.


Oh, the joys! I should add that the kids are off on their school hols (I wrote a sex scene yesterday while listening to my youngest bashing about his bedroom, next door to me, killing baddies – he was Batman).

Not quite the inspiration I needed for this particular scene….

Add to that last minute errands to run, and the general UN peace keeping duties having the kids off entails, and yeah.

Still, I will do it. I must.

I left my heroine ogling a half naked Logan, and well… such a hardship. This is the hunk Logan is based on, Adan Gonzales. I think he works rather well for my bad boy CEO 😉


What do you think?


Logan 1

Right, I best get back to writing and getting them to their HEA.

Stay naughty, folks.


D xx

Just do it already! #TuesdayThoughts with Doris (@mamaD8)

Hello, lovely peeps, Doris here. First off let me wish all you Americans out there, a very Happy 4th July, or as we Brits would say.



Sorry, I couldn’t resist, and I’m only joking, of course.

You can probably tell what tone this blog post will take, right? I literally had no clue what to put in today’s post.  So what does one lil author do, when she has run out of things to say?

First off, moan to my fellow Quillers–naturally.

Kind of essential that one.

Then, squeal in delight at the critique of a first chapter you got back – thanks, Jules and Raven, you both rock!

Then, ponder this thorny question of what to blog about some more, and then it came to me. Not unlike writing, really, the answer is rather obvious. Just sit down and do it already, and something will come to you. Or not, but that’s where inspirational quotes from Pinterest come in…

So, without further ado, here are some of my favourites.


I don’t think this just applies to new writers, to be fair. When you’re struggling to find that unique spin, it can seem as though you’re just running around in circles. Well, you may well be but that will be your circles and thus unique to you! Bear that in mind when you’re doubting yourself, and, you know just do it!


Good lord, yes, this. If only there was some sort of technology which would enable us to transfer our thoughts/dreams straight onto paper. It would be a jumbled mess in my case, but it sure would speed up the process, wouldn’t it?




Like I said, just do it already! 🙂




Isn’t that the truth! Well, no one ever said it was going to be easy, right? Oh, wait, you thought it was? You thought us writers just moan for nothing? Well, sorry buttercup, but until you actually try to write a story yourself, you have no clue.






Oh yes, it is beyond nerve-wracking when you first show your work to other people, but ya know, unless you’re just writing for yourself, there comes a point when you have to. You’ll also have to swallow your pride, be humble, accept constructive criticism, and be willing to learn from your mistakes. This writing lark is a journey that never ends and there is always, always room for improvement.


Oh, how true is this? I never really understood that until I started writing myself and my characters simply took over. Darn ornery, mine tend to be, so I’ve learned to simply let them get on with it. After all, it is their story and they should know how it goes, right?




And that is the worst thing that can happen. If they’re anything like mine they’ll start talking again at the most inopportune moment when I have zero chance of getting words on paper.


Anyhoo, for someone who had no idea what to blog about, I seem to have rambled on a bit, so I shall take myself off here and sort out my characters.

Do stay naughty, folks!

D xx

Happily Ever After: Writerly Musings by Jules Dixon @JulesofTripleR #MondayMessages #AmWriting (or am I?)

giphy (79).gif

Oh, if it were just that easy to start a story … or finish it with “and they lived happily ever after”. But … it isn’t.


The last two years I’ve focused on improving my writing by taking classes and reading books, and talking to other authors about plotting, characterization, themes, motifs (which, um, still like wtf?), arcs, first act, second act, black moment, third act, resolution, until my head spun and  my heart sunk.

Could I ever be the writer that XYZ is? Or would I ever say the words as eloquently, excitedly, ferociously (etc., etc.) as ABC?  Would I ever stop using adverbs? 😉

Or am I just as good as I ever will be?

giphy (82)The questions haunted my gut like a bad fruitcake for the last quarter of 2016 while I continued to write and throw away words. And write and discard words. And write and chop words. Finally, the words ground to a halt. Not some cool sliding to the side and gray smoke in the air from the tires rubbing on the pavement stop, but a jerked-against-the-seatbelt, airbags-in-face, whiplashy stop.


And then after I’d celebrated 2017 in a grand fashion with all the hopes and resolutions my head could concoct, I was boohooing through a day and my mentor had had enough and she slapped me. No, not physically, but ironically with words. She said “Stop that $hit! Be the writer you are, but be better each time.” Or something very similar to that fact. Whatever it was, the words and sentiment made me think just long enough and deep enough that I realized I don’t want to be like XYZ or ABC…

giphy-downsized (5)



I just want to be Jules Dixon.


I want to write about people who have problems and solve them with friends and family by their sides.

I want to write stories that find their way into people’s hearts and they remember how they felt reading about these people’s lives.

I want to find inspiration in everyday moments and share them with readers so they sigh and ooh and ah and feel.

I want to release a part of me into words and then let it go. Let. It. Go.

I want to take each day as a new beginning and know that there is no real end to writing.

I want to …. live happily ever after.

giphy-downsized (18).gif

But for that to happen, I have to make it happen.

This above post originally aired on my website in January. I have no come to understand that this post was a turning point for me. I now have a different direction to go with my writing career and I’m more excited about writing and the new projects I’ll take on that aren’t writing, but writing related.

Sometimes happily ever after comes slowly. But when you take a few steps back, you can see it coming and how to make a plan to make it the best happily ever after possible.

Hoping that your 2017 is turning out to be everything you wish for.

Happy Monday!

❤ Jules


The Universe and Lemonade by Jules Dixon #MessageMonday #amwriting @JulesofTripleR

Along with moving and putting a house on the market, I’m in the middle of writing a short story for an anthology that my critique group is putting out and I’m super pumped about all of those things because who wouldn’t be. Exciting times.

giphy-downsized (15)giphy-downsized (14).gifgiphy (77)

But like these people, the Universe decided I needed some challenges to go along with the fun.

Well done, Universe. Well. Done. 

I am now the proud owner of this…


I know, don’t be jealous. 😉 It’s all mine, ladies and gentlemen. No sharing.

Not as sexy as my red cowgirl boots, but when you have a ruptured Achilles tendon, fashion actually comes after comfort.

But although I’m not happy that this surprise event happened, I guess I’m trying to see the bright side.

giphy-downsized (16).gif


One, pain meds are a godsend for the…pain. Thank you to doctors and whoever created them.


giphy-downsized (17).gif


Two, I have time to write and I will use the time given, so maybe it was a gift from the Universe. I’ll find out what the final treatment plan is today and what I have to look foward to.


giphy (80).gif

Three, my friends and family are amaze-balls. Friggin’ off the charts amazing, fabulous, stupendous. My son was supposed to go back to school tomorrow, he’s postponed so he can help me. My hubby helped me 100 times this weekend, leaving quickly from work to come get me and take me to the hospital on Friday when it happened and then taking care of me all weekend long. My friend Nanette who let me scream into the phone so I’d stay conscious while the pain was at a 10/10. My friend, Cathy, who raced over from her house to stay with me while I writhed on the kitchen floor in pain and then locked up the house after we were gone to the hospital. The lawn guy who assisted me to get into the house. Yes, I know you touched my boob to help me. Yes, I know you apologized a dozen times. No, I don’t and didn’t care. I needed help and you helped me. The carpet guy who offered me ways of breathing to help the pain, but still did his job after we left like I needed him to. And I remember that I owe you $20 still, I’ll get it to you ASAP. My daughter who came to the hospital and rubbed my back while they made me lay on my stomach before the pain meds took effect. Not a fan of laying on my stomach anytime, but this made me feel twice as uncomfortable as my feet dangled and pain shot through my lower leg. And my nephew who didn’t blink an eye when I said I had to stay with him cause our bathroom is being remodeled and I can’t do stairs to the basement one. And dozens of others have offered to help in any way they can. Thank you to every one of you.

I was blessed that day, even if I’m on arm-pit numbing crutches and have the wonderful 10 lb boot. I know it’s not 10 lbs, but it’s definitely not a feather. 😉

So in the grand scheme of things, I’m still alive and that’s an important thing to remember. Plus, I’ve got a great story to add to a book some day. I’ve learned some lessons and I know who has my back when I need them.

giphy (78)

Overall, I’ve got a crapton of lemonade from the lemons the Universe sent to me. 

So back to writing that short story for me. I think you guys are going to like the idea we have going, and as long as my muse stays awake, I’ll be getting it done this week.

How was your weekend? Anyone have something exciting happen on their end of the keyboard? Any lemons that you can make lemonade from?

Hugs to all. ❤ Jules


This is important… #FabulousFriday @AuthorMoira

Happy Friday everyone. It’s been one hell of a crazy week, again. The insanity that’s hit the UK … I don’t even have words. Which for an author is something, we’re usually pretty good with the science of combining letters into something comprehensive and even occasionally compelling. But, it did give me my topic for today, so without further ado…


In a world that seems to have lost any form of a rudder this is particularly important. Quite a simple word, and yet it has many connotations. To draw air into ones lungs thus providing the brain with a vital component so it can continue to operation at optimal levels and ensure the body keeps doing it’s thing. But it is also a method used in many practices from yoga to martial arts to gain focus and realign ones self.


We could all use a little more focus. Not only in the here and now, but about life in general. We each have an important role in the grand cosmic scheme. Sure, none of us know what that plan might be, but it doesn’t mean we’re not here for a reason. It only means that we haven’t yet been given all the pieces to the puzzle to determine what our part may be.


Those of us who are blessed, gifted, or have educated and fought to become authors already hold a pretty significant place in the world, big or small. We have the tools – the imagination, the drive, the insanity – to create fantastic tales of fiction in all sorts of genres and sub-genres. The end result is a gift to the world. A moment, or three, where a reader can submerge themselves into the world we’ve created for respite – however brief it might be.


We all should take the opportunity for a little respite. The world is a scary place on the best day, on the worst…well…yeah. So my advice for the weekend, and every chance you have, is to enjoy every single minute of every single day. Kiss your loved ones, hug your enemies (it’ll confuse them), smile at a stranger (it could brighten their day), and don’t let other folks shit taint whatever you have going on in your life. Enjoy the little things, smell the roses, walk in the sunshine, pet a dog, spin in a field until you throw up, eat ice cream for dinner, just enjoy all the time you’ve been given however you see fit. No one has the right to judge you for what makes you happiest and at peace. Lastly, authors, never ever stop writing but do remember, from time to time, to lean back in your seat and remember to


Behind the mask #FabulousFriday @AuthorMoira

It’s that time again, Friday. It was a short week for some of us, but damn if it didn’t feel incredibly long. I’m not only talking about the extra scramble to cover the day off, but also all the happenings in the world. I won’t get into it, but I will say it’s getting bloody exhausting reading about the same events, while they might be in different places, continuing to occur. When are we going to say enough is enough already?

As this isn’t the purpose of my post today I’ll leave that question to hang for you, and those around you, to answer at your own speed. No, today I want to discuss masks. Particularly the masks we as humans all wear.

Yes, yes, I can hear some out there saying that they don’t ever, or wouldn’t ever. Whatever. We all do it. From professional to personal, we each have a bag of masks we carry with us at all times. They could be hiding some pain (physical or mental), some slight, some news (good or bad), whatever it might be – we all wear them.

I’m not here to say to ditch them all. That isn’t the point, and yet it is.

As writers we have to see behind masks others wear to discover their heart, soul, and purpose. We then use that information in our writing. Where we then create characters who have their own bags of masks to protect them from the world. It’s all part of making them life like and relatable to readers. For in our creation they might see something that mirrors their life, their situation, their pain and gain insight, or even comfort from knowing that there are others out there going through the same thing. Yes, it comes to them in the form of a fictional character, but as authors the golden rule of thumb is to always write what you know (and what you learn, and what you research carefully). One never knows when the band-aid you, as an author, have torn off and bared to the world via your story telling ability will help someone else halfway around the world.

We all want to be able to create reactions in our readers whether they laugh, cry, scream, rage or any other number of emotions. To touch on something within them that is profound and true is the height we all strive to reach. Now, let me be clear, I am NOT talking about sensationalism – we get enough of that shit in the news on a minute-by-minute basis. What I mean is a careful unfolding, development that maybe gives them an “ah-ha!” moment. Perhaps even clarity, or startling realization. For we can not only amuse, but we can also teach and lend aid through the words we put together.

Think about it.

I know this one’s short but it’s been one hell of a week and exhaustion is banging at the door, so I’m off to watch a movie before encapsulating myself in my bed for the night. Have a great day everyone, remember it’s started out fresh and new, no expectations (except that you be dressed while in public), and it will become whatever you make of it. So go forth and Carpe Diem one and all.

Hump Day Inspiration #WickedWednesday (@KaceyHammell) #StuartReardon

Good morning all. Kacey here, another week has flown by and it’s been a crazy few days for me. Just when writing is taking off and all is going well, life will throw a writer completely off balance and it’s a struggle to keep up with everything.

My Great Aunt moved in about 3 weeks ago, she had an offer on a house when hers sold within a day and the offer feel through unexpectedly last week. Since Monday it’s been a pile of paperwork after another to be released from that offer and putting in a new offer on a different location. The trees used for all this paperwork, I weep for. My aunt’s kids do not live locally so I have stepped in to help, and while my aunt should really be able to do all this stuff herself, she can’t drive due to falling while packing one day, and broke her knee cap. It’s been one wonderful thing after another.

And my writing time has stalled unfortunately. I think I’ve only written 400 words in the last few days and I’m sad about it. Today is a calmer day thankfully and while I do have a pre-planned day with a friend, I am taking my notebook to get some writing in.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful writing week. And today I thought I would share some writing inspiration, especially since it is Hump Day. This man, I saw in pictures from a recent book signing and he’s been on my writer brain for days, sparking the ideas and seriously triggering some fabulous thoughts.

This is Stuart Reardon. He’ll be our Hump Day Hottie today. *g*


I don’t have ownership on this pictures, full credit goes to FuriousFotog

Here is Stuart’s facebook page for you all to follow him too.

I think he’ll be inspiration for many books to come.  Maybe one day I’ll even have him on a cover for one of my stories. A gal can dream. *g*

Until next week,

Happy Writing!

Kacey xoxo



This crazy thing called life #TuesdayThoughts with Doris (@mamaD8)

Hello, lovely peeps, Doris here, and as the title says, I’m talking about this crazy thing called life today.

Namely how it can derail you. I had a somewhat intelligent post planned, but then we had a really busy Monday, which involved a trip to the vets with the kitten for her post spey check up.

She passed with flying colours, bless her. You can see her fetching shaved bit here.

FullSizeRender (17)

Then our nine year old had two of his teeth taken out under IV sedation. He doesn’t like the dentist, doesn’t like anything in his mouth, and to top it all he doesn’t like needles.

Yes, stressful doesn’t even begin to describe that experience. He was very brave, however, and we got it done.


He rather suffered afterwards with the after effects of the anesthetic. Picture him freezing cold in his pjs with a hoodie over the top, curled burrito style on his bed, shivering. Poor lil guy.

Well, he’s not little, he’s tall for his age, but ykwim. This mama’s heart hurt for him.

Anyway, despite all of that, I did manage to add 1000 words to my WIP. Not the one I was aiming to finish this week…


Of course not, that would be easy, and you know my muse… she hops skipping and jumping all over the place. I’m consoling myself with the fact that I am writing, and as long as I listen to her demented mutterings in my ear my fingers fly.

Never argue with your muse, tried that, doesn’t work, at all.


Today is daughter #4’s birthday. She is 15. How did that happen? It seems like yesterday that she was born. Okay, I’ve had three more children since her, but still! 😉

So, where does this leave today’s post? Well, this rambling mess, lol.

To make up for my lack of anything writerly to say, I shall leave you with the inspiration for four of my current WIP’s. Yes, you read that right, four…..

*glares some more at her muse*

Duncan Crannach dragon shifter                        aea7bb36a1ca50d5d26096003355ddd6

738f4f076774ff00914e2503b4dd2752                        16142653_1187021441393972_802032089911822621_n


Right, now where was I?

Do stay naughty, folks.

D xxx

People Watching #TuesdayThoughts with Doris (@mamaD8)

Hello, lovely peeps, Doris here.

Let me ask you something, what do you see when you see this picture?

Do you see someone lonely, or do you see someone simply content by herself watching the world go by?

Well, I have to say that is always me. I’m not sure whether it’s an introvert thing, or a having been an only child thing, but being on my own, even in a crowd has never bothered me. Quite the opposite.

I love to simply sit and watch other people. It is endlessly fascinating to me, and, you know, people watching is the #1 research and inspiration tool in your author tool box if you ask me.

Take my night out the other day for a dear friend’s hen night. We went to the local casino and we had a great time. Not to gamble I hasten to add. Well, some in our group had a little flutter, I was content to simply watch, sip my numerous Gin&Tonics, have a little dance and observe the mating practices of the lesser spotted humans.

*giggle snort*

Not much seems to have changed since my high school/college days when I last frequented clubs of any kind.

There was the row of men sat staring at us legs spread wide in a display of testosterone which amused me greatly. Followed by gesticulating in what they must have thought was an encouraging manner and simply meant we dissolved into fits of giggles.

Then there was the guy who came across to give one of our group his friend’s phone number. Oh I did laugh, bearing in mind we’re all women of a certain age, and I’d have thought those were the antics of high school boys, not men.

Perhaps even more amusing was the fact that he did it a second time after the first attempt was thwarted by ripping up that piece of paper and sinking its remains in the wine cooler.

Then there was the guy in a suit whose dance moves could only be described as the ones of a monkey. (Hey, maybe he was an ape shifter, what you do you think?)

Or the guy whose trousers kept falling down so that he was treating all unsuspecting bystanders to a view of his butt crack. I barely resisted the urge to go up and pull the damn things up for him.

The old guy who was having a whale of a time on the dance floor, dancing with all the young ladies. Bless him, he did make me laugh, and all I can say is I hope I have that much energy when I’m an OAP.

Sidenote he was just the right height to snuggle up to the women’s boobs when he was dancing.

*giggle snort*

The primped to within an inch of her life seventy if she was a day plastic barbie doll lookalike, with her bleached blonde hair and the gravity-defying surgery enhanced boobs which kept on threatening to escape her dress.

The guy who got the death stare from me from trying to gyrate against me – and any other female for that matter –  on the dance floor. Yeah, not happening, mate. Wasn’t into that when I was younger, let alone now.

I could go on but you get the idea. Whether any of these observations will make it into a story… well, time will tell.

It was certainly an experience and we left before everyone got really drunk.

Oh, how could I forget the cleaners who also took to dancing along to the Madonna tribute act? Less said about her the better, really, bless her. Not an easy job I know being the live entertainment, but deary me.

Suffice to say she started to sound better the more G&Ts I had consumed. Funny that, eh?

Like I said we had a great time. As always happens at any gathering I attend I was asked whether I was all right, which never fails to amuse me. Like I said people watching is great fun for me. Don’t assume the one sitting quietly in the corner is not enjoying herself. Believe me, we do, and if you’re also an author, your muse will lap up all those observations and run with them.

The number of story ideas, I got from observing the people around me and the way they interact with each other. Try it, and see.

Not only will you get ideas you will also add depth to your characters. Observe how other people speak, their body language, the way they dress etc. The list is endless and endlessly fascinating too.

None as complex as human beings, after all.

It behooves those of us who write about them to show them in all their complexity.

So, keep on watching and dreaming up those stories, folks.

Stay naughty,

D xxx