word…four letters…words…any number of letters…almost…words…what words?

Raven here, rambling on words.

So dear readers (if there are any), it’s four twenty seven am (to be precise) and I have been staring at this blank word doc for…let me see, forty three minutes…approximately.

Give or take.

Wondering what words of wisdom I might have to impart today.

mini thesaurus

(Source, pinterest)

The answer I have finally come up with?

I don’t.

Have an answer or words of wisdom.

I’m worded out.

Now a few years ago this would have freaked me big time.

The OMG have I writers block, will I ever write again, what will I do wailings.


It doesn’t.

I do not have writers block. Luckily I never have. What I do have is a need to do other things and not worry that I’m not getting the words on paper. The paper and the words are waiting for when it’s their turn to play. I need to sit in the sun (well if we had any) drink Mojito’s (luckily the mint plant is flourishing) catch up on my reading (the kindle is complaining I’ve neglected it) chat to hubby (who for once is in this country) and savour how lucky I am.

I’ve finished edits, got a book out, plotted another two, and am having a fascinating time researching old architecture. And I’ve learned how to pick up a dropped stitch in knitting. Mind you, the way I knit gives any watcher the giggles but hey ho, it’s al part of my take a step back ad smell the roses routine.

Meanwhile I have a non-writing friend visiting. She’s reading my stories, telling me what she does and doesn’t like, and I’m bouncing ideas off her.

Plus going for walks in the beautiful forest around where I live, visiting coffee shops, and drinking wine.

Life is good. If it means I don’t have a book out soon well, I reckon the next book will be all the better for it. The last thing I want is for my stories to be so similar you, as a reader know that on page ten the H/h will do x, and on page 27, y and page 124, z, etcetera. Of that (as I read in a book once) I’m writing so much of the same old, same old, I forget which hero it is, use the wrong name and no one, including the editor picked up on it. Seriously. This happened. I noticed and was er you what? It threw me. I later discovered that name used (more than once, I thought a new bloke had been introduced…he hadn’t) was the hero from the author’s previous book. And the story was so similar it was no wonder!

Not good.

I have no intention of being that person.

(and although these blogs aren’t self book promo, if any of you eve see me doing that, tell me.)

It is now five fourteen am.

I’m off back to sleep I hope. Mind you with two cups of coffee and ahem a biscuit or ten devoured since I woke up…I might need a trip to the loo and an indigestion tablet first.

But I need to share this…


(source pinterest)

Happy whatever,


Love Raven x


PS On a positive note what a fantastic sunrise.

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