Raven ponders on The Circle of Life


Hi All, Raven here, and today I’m reminding myself of something I think it’s easy to forget. What goes around comes around…

In Animal Farm, George Orwell wrote, all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

It’s a fact. We might not like it, in fact, I’d say generally do not like it, (unless you’re the favoured one) but it happens.

Now you have choices here.

Ignore it, seethe over it, accept it or query it.

Which you do is up to you.

However remember this quote as well.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

We as humans are all individuals. What some people accept, love, like, others dislike hate and rail at.

It’s up to us to think about something and decide what our own response will be.

We also need to accept that our response might not be to everyone’s liking. That it might not be interpreted the way it was intended.

However, the gist of this blog is this.

Be it as one person, a group, a professional or whatever. It behoves us to be professional. But that doesn’t mean to say, we shouldn’t query something that we perceive as strange. Something we want to be explained.

It also behoves the person we are querying to give a straightforward and honest answer.

In all things there are positive and negatives. There has to be, we are human with human failings.

And believe me I know it’s hell on wheels to have to admit you were in the wrong. However sometimes a simple explanation as to why, or even yes I’m sorry that was silly helps.

Or shock horror, that’s the best for me, you, them, and how it is going to be.

Favouritism eh?

Sadly yeah.

Now, before you say, ‘hey but favouritism sucks, that’s not fair’, no it isn’t but as I always say to my kids, ‘nope it’s raining, and into every life a little rain must fall. How else do we get the flowers’.

flowers in rain

Plus, what goes up must come down. I’ve been there, done that and got several t-shirts to show for it.

The circle of life, remember?

lion king cirvcle of ife

Stay strong,

tree circle of life.jpg

All pics source, pinterest

Love Raven x

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